Added printing of passports team members


Meet the new functionality "printing passports of participants" (athletes, players) at!

What is a participant's passport:
The participant's passport includes:

  • Player name
  • Photo (if available)
  • QR code and link to the profile for viewing on the website
  • The last teams and tournaments in which the player took part

Why it's needed?

  • To check if a player is not participant of several teams
  • View an information about participating in tournaments
  • For quick access to statistics using a smartphone

How to print an athlete's passport?

  1. To print, you need to be authorized as the tournament owner
  2. Go to the Team page
  3. Go to Roster tab on the team page
  4. Click on the button "Download player passports"

Video instruction:

Example of a player's passport that is issued for printing:

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