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Are you a sports organization or an organizer of a tournament, championship, league?
Need to create a sports website, but don't know where to start?
Creating a website on the Tournament system is a fast and reliable way to solve your task.

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TournamentStat - is effective and profitable

  • Management of the site and tournament systems in one interface
  • Simplification and improvement of the process of media coverage of the sports organization, as well as tournament events
  • Optimization of the competition process and cost reduction
  • Dozens of times cheaper than custom site development

We provide a professional, ready-made solution for organizers of sports and e-sports competitions. Our solution includes the following functionalities:

  • Electronic game protocols
    Pre-start teams, substitutions, assistants, penalties and much more
  • General statistics
    General team and personal statistics for all tournaments and seasons
  • A common base for all participants
    Players, teams, referees, coaches, medical staff - all participants are represented in a common database
  • Applications
    Team and personal applications, transfers, association of duplicates
  • News, photos and videos
    Functional and convenient media editor, linking content to tournaments and teams
  • Championship standings and Tournament brackets 
    Standings and brackets of any configuration
  • Player and team profiles
    Personal profiles of players and teams with detailed information and statistics
  • Modern design + all the benefits of a mobile application
    Unique statistics, adaptation for smartphones and the use of technology Progressive Web Applications from Google
  • Automatic notification of game skips by players
    Based on yellow and red cards, we automatically display information about those players who are obliged to miss the game.

Discover the possibilities of your site with modern competition technology

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