Free tournament brackets and league table maker

Want to manage a championship, but don't have time to develop a website or create a difficult table? Use the TournamentStat service.

The service is designed specifically to create championship standings and tournament brackets for any event.

Simplicity and convenience

Anyone can create a tournament bracket or league table. This requires no specific knowledge or significant time. Just try it.

Your bracket will be available online to users anywhere and from any device: personal computer or laptop, android or iOS device.

Standings without restrictions

The service allows the generation of standings for any competition:

  • Sports championships
  • E-sports tournaments
  • Chess or checkers championships
  • Tournament brackets for video games
  • And any others


You can make a custom tournament bracket, manage, organize, and set the conditions of the tournaments yourself. It can be a competition in the Olympic system, the playoff bracket, or a league table with several rounds.

Create a Tournament


  • What is the cost of creating a tournament?

    Creating and managing a tournament on our site is free. If this is not enough for you - we can offer to launch your own tournament website.

  • What types of tournaments can be held on your platform?

    You can create and host any custom tournament! And for Football, Futsal, E-Sports, additional settings have been developed according to the relevant regulations

  • What additional features do you offer?

    Games generator, maintenance of detailed statistics, printing of passports of participants and much more. The functionality of the website is constantly updated and improved.