Add YouTube video on the site

To embed a YouTube video on TournamentStat site, you need the code of your YouTube page or video.

How to Embed YouTube Videos in the Website

For example, we have a video uploaded to YouTube video hosting and we want to post it on our site. For example, take the match of the 12th round of the Premier League of Zhytomyr Futsal Championship season 2017/2018, which at the time of writing is available at (this address can also be copied to our site). Going to the specified article, at the bottom under the window with the video we find the "Share" button, click on it.

At the bottom we will have a field with the selected address of the current video. In order to insert a video from YouTube on the TournamentStat website, click on the link as shown in the screenshot.

The code in this window is the code that you need to insert into a page or record in order to place a video from YouTube on our site.